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Luke Schuetrumpf

All photo's taken by Luke Schuetrumpf

Whale beach, NSW

alostdomain: Do you have a instagram?

Yep lukeschuetrumpf

Anonymous: what's mimi like?

The best

urbanenostalgia: Do you have Instagram?

Yep it’s lukeschuetrumpf

Mimi Elashiry 

Photo: Luke Schuetrumpf
Anonymous: do you have any idea what month your coming to the states

In the next two mouths

Anonymous: Your photos are insane! They make me want to turn lesbian haha. Grouse stuff man xx

Haha thanks

soul-club: Hey man, your photos are so dope!! What camera/s and film/s do you use??

A bunch of different film/camera combinations

lostindnalrednow: what camera do you use? love love love your photos

A wide different range of film camera

Anonymous: whats your theme called? its really nice! and your photos are incredible

Thanks! No idea

createcolours: Hey dude awesome photography. Would love to work with you in the future. Keep up the good work.


l-ushhclub: stunning photos x


b-cc: in love with all your photos!


Anonymous: What program/software do you edit your photos w?

None all 35mm and medium format, straight off camera

Mimi Elashiry 

Photo: Luke Schuetrumpf
Mimi Elashiry 

Photo: Luke Schuetrumpf